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Psorensen Member
Registered:about 1 year ago
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New Welcome Rewards about 1 year ago

Hey, Baihu first of all i want to thank you for being intrested in reading my staff application.

Alright the question is what would i if i was in a scenario like that : I would kindly tell him Without an evidence we can't help you out with this, if you have further more questions or if you find any evidence feel free to contact us or make an ticket about it. 

That was my answer to the question i hope you find it an good answer thank you.

- Psorensen (DontMoan)

Psorensen Staff Application about 1 year ago

Ability to speak English fluently - Yes i can speak english fluently.
Ability to be active - Yes i am able to be active around 6-12 hours a day maybe more!
Minimum requirement playtime of 12 hour playtime - Almost got it for this season. (InfoBlock told me to make an application doesnt matter if i get 12 hours after)
At least 14 years of age - I am 17 years old.
Must have Discord - Yes i have discord : Shaeve#9999

IGN (In game name): Psorensen
Age: I am 17 years old.
What is your timezone?: EST
Do you have any previous staff experience?: Yes, i have experience on multiple servers i was in charge of all staff but i left after the staff team because the owner changed afther that he started selling all the plugins and stuff i also have an discord server of my self 450+ members, I get accepted because i am always active and i have experience on skyblock.
Why would you like to become staff?: I love to be an staff member and sometimes i am active and doing nothing, Also i think i have played alot of competitive skyblock/factions and its time to be an staff member now so i like to be an staff member from now on. Also didnt mention this before i owned a server myself for almost 6 months but after i didnt have alot of time for hosting it i sold the server to another person thats when i started getting into competitive skyblock now its time to be staff again after 2 years.
If accepted, how can you improve the servers experience?: i know alot of the rules and glitches/bugs ive already reported 4 glitches/bugs to infoblock. I can be make alot of diffrence for the server because of scripters/glitch abusers.
Can any current staff members vouch for you?: Yes currently could 1 Mod Vouch me and an trainee. InfoBlock & sasuke187
Can you meet our season requirement of 12 hours per season?: Yes, probally first day of the season.
What is your Discord?: My Discord Name Is : Shaeve#9999
Additional Information (Optional): I know alot about glitches/bugs and can find alot of them, i already reported a ton of glitches and bugs i also am a tester on another server its a big one they will be opening an new realm soon so i am testing glitches / Bugs out for them, I also want to mention i have an big server called Mega Shop we are currently on 450 + members and i would love to promote this server on my discord server i could also provide tiktok advertising, youtube and i could mass dm people about the server.

Minimum 350 words - Yes i reached 350 Words!

Psorensen Staff Application about 1 year ago