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- The application Itself It's not that bad. The reason of why I'm giving you 0 is because the grammar used in the paragraphs needs to be re-elaborated. The text is way too repetitive and looks like you're always saying the same things just by putting the words in different orders sometimes. I'll give you a +1 if you'll make some changes and make it look more professional, It'll be worth it. Have a wonderful day! 😀



+1 since you actually listened to my reply and did a good job 💯


Application For Moderator 9 months ago

IGN (In game name):
I'm 17 years old, going to turn 18 on August 23th.
What is your timezone?:
My timezone is UTC +1
Do you have any previous staff experience?:
Yes, I have a lot of past staff experiences on many servers, I could be telling you my experiences details for hours but it's been more than 3/4 years since I quit moderating servers so I don't really remember all the details of my staff experiences.
This the list of the servers I've been working on:

TemplePvP (Sr.Mod - 5+ years ago);
AkumaMC (Builder - Season 2 / Season 3);
CoralMC (Helper - 1 year ago);
Mantle (Manager - 2 years ago).

I'd be really happy to work on your network too and maybe get to know some new stuff too!
Why would you like to become staff?:
I haven't been playing on the server for that long, but I like the server in general and honestly, I really like playing skyblock on this network and competing with other island members, I feel like by applying for Staff would be a good way to do 2 of the things I love at the same time, play skyblock and help other people and the network itself by being active on it, spending a lot of time on it on the daily, and helping anyone who needs to be helped.

I also really like the Staff Team and like the Owner too, we've talked a bit and we kinda have common interests, so I feel like being part of the staff team would be good for me and also good for all the staff members since I might learn new stuff from them, and they might learn new stuff from me.
If accepted, how can you improve the servers experience?:
If I'll get accepted I will be improving the server experience just by being a staff member and doing my job as one, helping people who need help and assistance, on the discord server and on minecraft too, I'll be helping people on both of them since I got a lot of free spare time to spend on the network and on the discord server so it's cool.

I also know every skyblock command since I've been playing skyblock servers for a huge amount of time and some of the commands might be the same for every network but I'm not sure about that since Exodus might have some custom plug-in's with different commands, but I also know most of the commands on it too so It's pretty chill, I'll be able to help everyone and give them the infos they need anyways.
What 3 attributes and 3 skills do you posses that will asist you as a staff member and the server. How will those effect the server positively?
1 - Strong communication skills: I am confident in my ability to clearly and effectively communicate with staff members and users.
2 - Adaptability: I am able to quickly adapt to new environments and tasks, and I enjoy the challenge of learning new things.
3 - Attention to detail: I have a strong attention to detail, which allows me to do my job the right way and very much accurately, so that I'll make the server look good.
4 - Time management: The ability to prioritize tasks and manage one's time effectively can be important for staying organized and meeting deadlines.

Having these attributes and skills can have a positive effect on the server by helping to improve players satisfaction, make the server look even better than it does, and contribute to a positive work environment.

Can any current staff members vouch for you?:
Sadly, no, there's nobody vouching for me atm.
Can you meet our season requirement of 12 hours per season?:
Yeah, of course.
What is your Discord?:
This is my discord ID: Mournie#1859
Additional Information (Optional):
I mean, I have nothing else to say I think I'll just give more informations about me in a voice call in the future I don't know, I just hope I'll pass the test and be part of the staff team :)

Mournie's Staff Application 11 months ago