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BusyJumboBoss Member
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Registered:about 1 year ago
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Unfortunately this doesn't meet our 350 word requirement, the layout needs work and I think it just needs some general checking over, good start but I hope you can redeem yourself soon!





Staff Application 10 months ago

Hey I really like this application and think you could be a great addition to our staff team, if you could think of anything to help bulk it out and make it really personalised to you I think that would benefit you greatly, overall +1

Staff Application 11 months ago

Hey Zxchxry_

I really like this application, I think that the length is good and I think you could potentially be a valued asset to the staff team, I think most of your answers were very professional and to the point, there was a few I found to be disappointing or confusing, this includes saying, and I quote "I worked for this team, not sure what server it was" isn't very useful for us a staff team to make our decision, especially if it comes to down to lack of experience,

I think that may possibly help to up your chance of being accepted was to be more personal, instead of wide spread and almost repeating answers, such as just saying, I will catpcha players, you could've used a more general term as that is a very niche and uncommon circumstance.

I do understand that I spoke to you about this application, or applying in general, but please try and keep it more prominent, as this will offer a higher chance of being accepted over other applicants.

Thanks, BusyJumboBoss 

Feel free to DM on discord if you have any further questions to my response.

Application For Moderator about 1 year ago

IGN: BusyJumboBoss


Age: 15


What is your timezone?: GMT


Do you have any previous staff experience?: 

ManifestMC / Admin for 3 months


Jaguar Prison / Media Owner 6 months


RetroMC / Mod 6months



I make the right decisions and dont let my feelings get in the way.

Why would you like to become staff?: I have been playing exodus since season 1 and would like to continue to move my time on exodus on, exodus has a great community and i think i would help to keep that light going since we are still 3 days in and have 90 avg players, i believe i could supply a good general help to people that need help, also reading over old staff applications i see there isnt many GMT mods so  another one may be beneficial since there will be more mods on when its like 5am american time.

If accepted, how can you improve the servers experience?: I feel like i can connect with the players since i can be friendly to players and can listen to what the community wants, i also feel like with my experience i can help people.

What 3 attributes and 3 skills do you posses that will asist you as a staff member and the server. How will those effect the server positively? I have a good relatioship with alot of the staff on the server and can go to them for things. I do believe that with my connections and with my knowingness of the server i can  contribute alot to the community and easily make friends/get to know the current mods.

Can any current staff members vouch for you?: InfoBlock

Can you meet our season requirement of 12 hours per season?: yes i had around 30hours of pt last season and had alot of playtime on Beta, im a very active player and have helped to find many bugs (including the money note dupe) that was a great bug to find.

What is your Discord?: BusyJumboBoss#0543


Additional Information:  some additional information about me is that i love to sit in discord vc’s with people and i think that this will be good with connecting with people, i will also have a quick response time to tickets since i am always on discord even when im away from my pc, since i always get many discord notifications. I may be at school but i have alot of free time since i have free periods, and these are used to play mc.


BusyJumboBoss Application about 1 year ago