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Topic Locked
Damien779 Member
1 posts
1 topics
about 1 year ago

IGN: Damien779

Banned or Muted?: Banned

Ban/Mute Reason?:  it say i was cheating 

Length of Ban/Mute?: life time

Staff who Banned/Muted you?: paragon

Why should you be Unbanned/Unmuted?: i dont even know why i was banned i was building my farm in my island with my musie on for 10-15m then suddenly i was banned when try to rejoin it just say ban for cheating ????? i have play on here for 2-3 wipe/reset 

Additional Information:


shewasnt19 Member
9 posts
1 topics
about 1 year ago

This has been resolved. You have been unbanned. If any further queries do not hesitate to make a ticket on our discord and @ me or another member of the team.