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shewasnt19 Moderator Staff
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This has been resolved. You have been unbanned. If any further queries do not hesitate to make a ticket on our discord and @ me or another member of the team.

Banned 16 hours ago

Nice application! I have seen you around and can vouch on your activity levels! I would consider going through your application and correcting the spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes as that may make your application look more professional, precise and overall stand out to senior members of staff!

Application For Moderator 19 days ago


TIA for reading this.

To begin, I have a few accounts. It's been made apparent to me that staff aren't allowed to play competitively. Dependent on the exact provisions put in place with this, my main account would be as follows:


I would also like to list my 2 alternative accounts for further information which are:



Age: 16 turning 17 in the upcoming months.

GMT. Although in the Summer, the clocks go forward which will make it GMT+1 until October again where they go back.


As a previous server admin on Arkham Network, I gained a wealth of experience and learned valuable skills that I believe make me an excellent candidate for any Minecraft server staff team. Here is a breakdown of my journey from Helper to Staff Manager:

Helper: My journey began as a Helper, where I gained experience in providing assistance to players, handling reports, and enforcing server rules. I was able to develop my communication skills and learn how to work in a team environment.

Mod: After being a Helper for a while, I was promoted to Mod. In this role, I was responsible for handling more complex player issues, such as bans and appeals. I also assisted in training new Helpers and worked closely with other staff members to ensure a positive player experience.

SrMod: As a SrMod, I was responsible for managing the Mod team and overseeing their work. I was also involved in making decisions about server updates and changes.

Admin: My role as an Admin involved taking on even more responsibilities, including managing the entire staff team and making important decisions about the server's direction and growth. I gained valuable leadership skills during this time.

Forum Manager: As the Forum Manager, I was responsible for managing the server's forum and ensuring that it was kept up to date and organized. I also helped to create and enforce forum rules and managed a team of forum moderators.

Staff Manager: Finally, as the Staff Manager, I was responsible for managing the entire staff team and overseeing the server's operations. I worked closely with the server owner and other senior staff members to ensure that the server ran smoothly and that players had a positive experience.

Overall, my experience as a previous server admin on AK allowed me to develop a range of skills, including communication, leadership, problem-solving, and teamwork. I believe that my experience in this role has prepared me to take on new challenges and to contribute to the success of any server staff team and server itself.

To add on to this, this journey was most definitely not just a straightforward path to this. It took major ups and downs in terms of promotions and how long it took between them. But also, that the server at the current time had an active player base of over 700 players.

If I were accepted as staff, my main goal would be to ensure that the server runs smoothly and that players have a positive experience. Here are some ways in which I would help the server and its players:

Enforcing server rules: As a staff member, it would be my responsibility to ensure that players are following the server's rules. By enforcing rules fairly and consistently, I can help create a positive and welcoming environment for all players.

Providing assistance to players: As a staff member, I would be available to assist players who have questions or need help with anything on the server. I would make sure that players feel heard and that their concerns are addressed promptly and professionally.

Moderating player behaviour: In order to maintain a positive atmosphere on the server, it is important to moderate player behaviour. As a staff member, I would be responsible for monitoring player behaviour and addressing any inappropriate behaviour that may occur.

Assisting with server updates and changes: As a member of the staff team, I would assist with server updates and changes. This might include testing new plugins, creating new content, or providing feedback on potential changes.

Promoting community engagement: As a staff member, I would help to promote community engagement by hosting events, creating forums for player discussion, and encouraging players to connect with one another.

Overall, my goal as a staff member would be to help create a positive and enjoyable experience for all players on the server. By working closely with other staff members and listening to player feedback, I believe that I could help make a valuable contribution to the server and its community.

In my repertoire I feel like I have gained a variety of skills and attributes that may or may not be of use lol.

As staff, I gained valuable attributes and skills that have been useful both in my role on the server and in other areas of my life. Here are three attributes and three skills that I feel like I have gained.


Responsibility: Being staff requires a great deal of responsibility. As a staff member, I was responsible for ensuring that players had a positive experience on the server and for addressing any issues that arose. This experience helped me to become more accountable and responsible in other areas of my life.

Patience: Working with players and addressing issues can sometimes be frustrating or challenging. Through my experience as staff, I learned to be patient and to approach problems calmly and methodically.

Leadership: As I progressed through the ranks of staff, I gained valuable leadership skills. This experience helped me to become a more effective leader and to work collaboratively with others.


Communication: As staff, I had to communicate effectively with players, other staff members, and server owners. Through my experience, I learned how to communicate professionally, clearly, and efficiently.

Problem-solving: One of the key roles of staff is to address player issues and resolve conflicts. Through this experience, I developed strong problem-solving skills that have been useful in other areas of my life as well.

Time management: Being staff requires a significant time commitment. Through my experience, I learned how to manage my time effectively, prioritize tasks, and work efficiently to ensure that all responsibilities were fulfilled.

Overall, my experience as staff has helped me to develop valuable attributes and skills that have been useful both on and off the server. These qualities include responsibility, patience, leadership, communication, problem-solving, and time management. But this is not limited to these skills and attributes. I think it's important to note a lot of qualities in my myself that may be crucial to have a smooth running time as a member of the staff team.

Staff Member vouches? Hmm. Potentially ZxenMC. Although, he may be the one reading this currently and completely disagree with that.

Season requirements can be met but I would like to note that it would be valuable to me to be able to report of any upcoming exams that I may have and adaptations to that to be made, if accepted.

Discord: toji#8824

Although I said thanks in advance for reading this, I'll thank you again. And I'm sorry I had a terrible time trying to format this.

shewasnt19's Staff Application. 20 days ago