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shewasnt19 Admin Staff
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Registered:about 1 year ago
Last Seen:9 months ago
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Good application. 

Best of luck.


Staff App Zuccuxburg 10 months ago

This has been resolved in a ticket on our discord.

Ban appeal 10 months ago

Thanks for your application. Formatting is CRUCIAL! This is laid out unprofessionally and it's hard to read and understand what question you are answering. Furthermore, you lack the detail in most of your questions and you've missed out questions!


Staff Application 10 months ago

Good luck with your application! I wish you the best and think that you'd be a suitable fit for the team.


yth Staff Application 10 months ago

Thank you for applying.
Unfortunately once of our requirements is that you have no recent punishment history.
Considering that you were punished today for 'Auto clicking/Failed to respond to Captcha' this goes against one of our requirements.

This is not an official decision, but more so an opinion on your application. I wish you the best of luck.


Killedbydash/zapy#2899 Staff app. 10 months ago