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New Welcome Rewards
ZxenMC Manager Application Reviewer Staff
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11 months ago

I'm thinking that the development team can add a plugin next season that allows you to do /welcome (when a new player joins for the FIRST time) and gets rewards and the command runs a automatic "welcome" in chat. This can possibly make the new player feel more welcomed. Maybe you can get good rewards on rare occasions



Welcome DogLover342 to Skyblock Season 6 (#504) (/welcome)


ImBaihu: /welcome

SR.MOD ImBaihu [Spooky]: Welcome DogLover342

EXODUSMC: You've been rewarded with $10,000 from /welcome


Ocation: /welcome

OWNER Ocation [Spooky] Welcome DogLover342

EXODUSMC: You have been rewarded with $10,000 and luckily got 2 Blizzard Crate Keys

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DontMoan Member
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10 months ago


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