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K1BM Staff Application
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K1BM Helper Staff
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3 months ago

My In Game Name Is K1BM

I'm 16 Years Old

My Time zone Is Pacific Standard Time 

I was a staff member on a server called SynHCF a while ago but that was on bedrock. I was a moderator on there until I quit bedrock and moved to java a few months ago, but since then I haven't been staffing on any other servers. 

I want to become a staff member so I can help make this server grow and grow with it. I feel i can help out this server a lot in the long run. 

If I am accepted, I can help others within game stuff and discord stuff because I am online a lot.

My attributes are that I can communicate with people well and I get along with everyone and I'm always willing to learn new things that can help out the server.  

My skills are my confidence in getting stuff done and that I am trustworthy. Everyone I've known in my life have always thought of me as one of the most trustworthy people they have known. 

My skills and attributes can affect the server positively because I would have good communication with the staff, and I would be trusted to get things done.

I'm not sure any staff member can vouch for me.  

I can meet the season requirement of 12 hours playtime. 

My discord is redechoalert

Additional Information: Most people call me K1. Some days I may not be able to log onto the server because I've started to work a lot more than usual, and I tend to go on a lot of trips during the year, so I also won't be able to log on during that time. I enjoy meeting new people and talking with them. I've enjoyed playing exodus so far and I like how friendly people are on there. I have observed a lot of staff from different servers, so I am very confident in my abilities.  If I am accepted, I will do my best to help this server grow. I hope you have a good Thanksgiving. 


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zrzskys Admin Application Reviewer Staff
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3 months ago

hey   K1BM,

your application is  now pending please contact me on dc