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deprenelchilling Helper Staff
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Registered:20 days ago
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IGN (In game name):deprenelchilling
Age:19 years
What is your timezone?: GMT+1
Do you have any previous staff experience?:lunar proofs file:///C:/Users/39351/Desktop/ece5333703449feecab17f7f6b894978.png \\ https://gyazo.com/597e153c0bfdfc6eae20d1ff97c2004e\https://gyazo.com/b27b39ad00fae64559f3de97c9d4f8c0, sagepvp mod file:///C:/Users/39351/Desktop/photo_2023-11-08_23-47-26.jpg,astralmc srmod file:///C:/Users/39351/Desktop/photo_2023-10-19_18-13-32.jpg, lyzard admin file:///C:/Users/39351/Desktop/photo_2023-11-08_23-44-39.jpg , coralmc helper file:///C:/Users/39351/Desktop/photo_2023-11-08_23-44-19.jpg, silexpvp mod file:///C:/Users/39351/Desktop/photo_2023-10-19_18-13-38.jpg , faithfulmc admin file:///C:/Users/39351/Desktop/photo_2023-10-19_18-16-46.jpg \ file:///C:/Users/39351/Desktop/photo_2023-10-19_18-17-31.jpg , elevatemc mod file:///C:/Users/39351/Desktop/photo_2023-11-13_14-46-23.jpg , kaiya helper file:///C:/Users/39351/Desktop/photo_2023-10-19_18-20-16.jpg , pvpgym staff file:///C:/Users/39351/Desktop/photo_2023-10-19_18-19-35.jpg , pvptemple mod file:///C:/Users/39351/Desktop/photo_2023-08-26_18-37-00.jpg, apl, applemc helperfile:///C:/Users/39351/Desktop/photo_2023-10-19_18-14-30.jpg , battle file:///C:/Users/39351/Desktop/photo_2023-10-19_18-17-44.jpg , mineworld manager file:///C:/Users/39351/Desktop/photo_2023-11-08_23-44-29.jpg , vanic file:///C:/Users/39351/Desktop/photo_2023-10-19_18-17-52.jpg
Why would you like to become staff?:I am interested in taking on a position on the staff team because I was involved in the SkyBlock community for a long time and found great joy in the high-quality experiences it provided. After always receiving such steadfast support and friendship, my purpose now resides in returning this favorable atmosphere to other players, so that they too will experience the same kind of excellence that has marked my own relationships. Making significant contributions to the staff team and the community is one of my top priorities in order to improve the experience for all parties involved. Based on my extensive experience in the Practice community, I have a sophisticated awareness of the expectations that players have of staff members. I pledge to match my efforts to these standards in order to create a welcoming and entertaining gaming environment. One of my unique selling points as a candidate is my ability to reduce the number of cheaters in the skyblock setting. Having personally dealt with such disruptive forces, I understand how frustrating it can be for players when their server experience is ruined. I'm determined to help reduce the frequency of hacking so that players can have more confidence in the staff to protect their gaming experiences. In addition, my natural extroversion and passion for clear communication further emphasize my potential for this position. I possess the capacity to skillfully handle a variety of circumstances, demonstrating both efficiency and friendliness in my interactions with gamers and the staff group. I am dedicated to blending in with the team and giving my best work, realizing how important a staff member's function is in reducing tension and offering assistance. Lastly my main selling point is how long I've been involved in the skyblock community and how comfortable I am with it. With this deep awareness of the dynamics of the community, I am in a good position to meet the expectations of both newcomers and seasoned members. I am very sensitive to the subtle needs of players, and I hope to be a rock for both the regular stream of new players and the seasoned veterans looking for advice.

If accepted, how can you improve the servers experience?:My unique selling point is my all-encompassing vision for the development of Exodus. My astute viewpoint for Exodus sees a path beyond its present state, and I am deeply dedicated to making a meaningful contribution to the server, which emphasizes the importance of this project to me personally. My understanding of player behavior, conduct, and gameplay is deep and complex, having participated actively in Skyblock servers for a number of years. Being skilled at distinguishing between those who are legitimate and those who are not is one of my main advantages. I am prepared to enhance the server's integrity by making wise decisions if given the chance to work as a staff member. I firmly believe in conducting a full inquiry instead of rashly implementing punitive measures based on skepticism, as I am aware of the far-reaching ramifications of ignoring due diligence. My method is marked by patience and careful thought, making sure that every choice is well-considered and measured. In addition, I am skilled in the field of Screensharing (SS), having worked in it for a long time. As someone who has taken on the position of SS Manager in multiple prior server environments, I have mentored others and written instructional manuals. Using this knowledge inside the SagePvP framework, I hope to share best practices and ideas with other staff members who could need a little more direction. In accordance with the specifications listed for a staff role on Exodusmc, I meet the age, maturity, and experience requirements. My commitment to the server's success is solid, and I promise to devote all of my energy to making sure it runs as smoothly as possible. I'm not just looking for a position; I really want to make a meaningful contribution to Exodus's development.
What 3 attributes and 3 skills do you posses that will assist you as a staff member and the server. How will those effect the server positively?Maturity I take great satisfaction in exhibiting a mature manner in both my personal and professional life, understanding the importance of this quality in a variety of circumstances. Emotional intelligence, resilience, and a measured reaction to problems are traits that I associate with maturity. I am aware of the critical role that maturity plays in creating a pleasant work & staffing atmosphere in a professional setting. It makes it possible for me to handle a variety of circumstances with composure and calmness, which promotes efficient decision-making, communication, and conflict resolution. My dedication to upholding a responsible mindset makes me a dependable team player who can be relied upon to manage obligations with poise under duress. I believe that this quality not only contributes to a harmonious workplace but also establishes a foundation for building strong professional relationships and achieving sustained success in any given role. This attribute, in my opinion, not only fosters a positive staff environment but also lays the groundwork for forming solid business ties and succeeding over time in any position. Respect I'm proud of my dedication to upholding a courteous manner in both my personal and professional life. My approach to co-staff members, and the players is based on the fundamental value of respect. Building strong, cooperative teams and preserving a healthy atmosphere both depend on creating a culture of respect, in my opinion. Understanding and respecting others' viewpoints is essential for productive communication and positive interpersonal interactions in any professional context. I am committed to maintaining the principles of respect as a member of your team, understanding its importance in resolving conflicts, fostering teamwork, and promoting satisfaction. I firmly think that acting with respect advances both the success of the team and my own personal development. Patience As a member of your staff, I believe that having the intrinsic capacity to approach situations with patience is a valuable trait that I take pride in. I consider patience to be more than just a virtue; it is a necessary component of good problem-solving, effective communication, and fostering strong relationships. The world moves quickly, therefore staying calm and having a patient mindset are critical. I am aware of how crucial it is to let things happen naturally, carefully weigh all available options, and make sure choices are well-considered. This trait improves my ability to handle obstacles with poise in addition to creating a positive atmosphere. As a committed team player, I'm willing to be patient when working with others and taking a cool, collected approach to challenging problems. This trait, in my opinion, perfectly fits the culture of your server and improves my capacity to make a significant contribution to the success of the team.
Can any current staff members vouch for you?:nop
Can you meet our season requirement of 12 hours per season?:sono stato abbastanza off in sti giorni per l'università comunque si, ecco i miei orari Monday (5:00 PM EST - 10:30PM EST) Tuesday (5:00 PM EST - 10:30PM EST) Wednesday (5:00 PM EST - 10:30PM EST) Thursday (5:00 PM EST - 10:30PM EST) Friday (5:00 PM EST - 10:30PM EST) Saturday (10:00AM EST - 1:30AM EST) Sunday (10:00AM EST - 10:30PM EST)

What is your Discord?:.depressoh
Additional Information (Optional):nop

deprenelchilling (staff apply) 18 days ago