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naokily Helper Staff
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Registered:about 1 month ago
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IGN (In game name): Naokily (formerly Slyntch)


What is your timezone?: CDT

Do you have any previous staff experience?: Mhm! I've done a lot of moderation on servers in the past. I would say I've held about 6-7 positions from the time that I started playing consistently. Since then I've climbed staff ranks in some servers to administrator and managers with a lot of experience in staff management and similar things.  

Why would you like to become staff?: I played Exodus when it was in beta on my old account (I was a moderator at the time on Exodus at the time) I loved playing on it! I love Skyblock and it's amazing to see how far this server has come since I grew inactive a while ago.

If accepted, how can you improve the servers experience?: I think I'm a pretty mature person who can deal with situations in that manner. I know a decent amount about moderation but I'm always open to learning new plugins and skills that I hadn't before. I'm pretty efficient and can deal with a decent workload at one time and get it done with no hitches. 

What 3 attributes and 3 skills do you posses that will assist you as a staff member and the server. How will those effect the server positively? I'm able to handle a lot of things at one time. I understand the need for someone who can spend their timewise and I think I can do that very well. I would be able to deal with multiple situations at one time which can lead to a cleaner server with fewer things that need to be moderated you know?

Can any current staff members vouch for you?: I wouldn't really know if any of the people I worked with back would still be here, and I have no clue if you can verify that I was former staff.

Can you meet our season requirement of 12 hours per season?: Absolutely, I know it looks like someone who just spawned in and applied but I did play very consistently back on that other account and enjoyed it very much! The server has grown and evolved and I loved what I saw out of the server!

What is your Discord?: naokily

Additional Information (Optional): I know said this a couple of times but I'll just put it here for clarification: I did formerly moderate on ExodusMC when it was in beta. I might be able to find screenshots (I cant promise but I can look). If you can't find records of this that is absolutely fine and I completely understand. Thank you so much for looking at my application I know it can be tedious. (EDIT: I found screenshots of old staff acceptance)

Naokily Staff App about 1 month ago