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TubbzFL Member
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Registered:11 months ago
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IGN (In game name):


What is your timezone?:

Do you have any previous staff experience?:

Yes. I've been staff for a server previously where I was working on helping them create a Skyblock Mode. This involved countless hours and working on configs. This included things such as: MythicMobs, Deluxemenu and more! For a period of 8 months, I was solely in charge of running Fruitlab's whole minecraft server. This included everything, from setting up all the various modes such as surivival, creative, mini-games and eventually a skyblock. It also included moderating the server it's self, all day to day things you expect a massive team to be running, I was basically doing it all by myself. Finally, I created my own skyblock server, sadly finances became an issue but I spent a lot of time getting it all set up, It included everything mentioned previously, plus creating advertisement material, paying for exclusive plugins I needed, using worldedit to create certain things.
Why would you like to become staff?:

To specifically help with the Media Team side of the Server. This also includes media that the Server's account shares/creates if any help/advice would be accepted in terms of that. I have 8 years of experience in content creation. Additionally, I have experience in managing gaming content teams which means helping people improve their content, thumbnails etc.  
If accepted, how can you improve the servers experience?:

I believe I can help the server in terms of getting it's media up to a more professional standards and hope that in the case it happens, it'll mean more people see the better content and result in increasing player counts.

What 3 attributes and 3 skills do you posses that will assist you as a staff member and the server. How will those effect the server positively?

I'm professional, I have lots of experience in content as mentioned previously so, I guess content creation itself would be a skill/attribute and I feel like I'm able to explain things in specific details which I assume would be helpful for the specific type of role I've mentioned that I'm interested in.
Can any current staff members vouch for you?:

Maybe, Not sure
Can you meet our season requirement of 12 hours per season?:

What is your Discord?: 

Additional Information (Optional):

For this role, *if accepted* would need a bigger conversation on how it might work considering the fact I'm a current partner and would need to understand how or if what things may change.

TubbzFL Staff Application 10 months ago