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RustySider Helper Staff
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Registered:4 months ago
Last Seen:4 months ago
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IGN (In game name): RustySider
Age: 16
What is your timezone?: PST
Do you have any previous staff experience?:

Yes I do,

• Alcatraz Prisons (Minecraft) (Senior Moderator)

I was a Helper and I mostly watched chat and helped players with the server. I learned a lot about how to help. I resigned because I couldn't take any more of the owner. He just was lazy and inactive. 


• SkyGalaxies (Minecraft) (Head Administrator)

One of the owners, Myth is a friend of mine where we go back on MineSaga where we were staff together. I messaged him and he knew that I am experienced. So we went through a simple application progress and I was accepted into his staff team. I was also a mentor which helped trainees to become a full part of the staff team. Unfortunately the other owner had lost motivation towards the server and chose to sell in on MC-Market.  


• MineSpire (Minecraft) (Staff Manager)

I was Senior Moderator on that server, I did mostly chat monitoring and exploiters and reported. them to admins. They liked the work I did and I enjoyed it. The tasks were fun and the staff team was very helpful. They had amazing Builders, Mods and Admins. The Owner was nice also, he was nice enough to help me through the time of my family. And that's why I resigned from that server. I was Staff for 5 months.


• Sound MC World (Minecraft/Discord) (Staff Manager/Discord Manager)

Sounds MC World is really where I spent a lot of my time and got a lot of experience from here. It was owned by a older and famous discord youtuber **SoundDrout**.  I was really trusted by him and his whole staff team and I lead them to success on the staff team, with activity going up 150% and staff engagement went up a absolute ton. I learned a ton of great tips and tricks on how to be a mentally strong staff member. I think I could apply a lot from over there to over here. 


• JurassicPvP (Minecraft) (Manager)

I was accepted to the management team straight away. I dedicated a lot to the server, even made me a staff guide and guideline of the server. I was trusted by the owner and had operator permissions in-game. I also dealt with player reposts and bug reports. There wasn't a whole lot of action in this server so I left once it was getting really repetitive. 


• OraclePvP (Minecraft) (Manager)

The owner was a friend of a friend and I was brought here to help a ton with staff and community engagement, he thought of starting up a Skyblock server and one day we were just adding new features and I was learning the ups and downs about the server. He actually had to close up the server due to him having to keep up with school.


• SkyBattles (Minecraft) (Lead Manager)

I was approached by the owner and also someone I knew a while ago called kagaman, and he wanted me to be apart of his management team. I had contributed a lot of time within the server including managing the staff team, keeping high standards for the staff team. Marking sure the community is active and happy. 


• Pladium (Minecraft) (Owner)

I owned this server for about 6 months. I was a active owner and I did my part. We had Skyblock, Prisons, & a Survival server. We gained about 10 members daily with about 80 - 120 people online. I sadly sold the server I do not know where it is now.


• CronusPvP (Minecraft) (Helper)

This was a active and growing factions server. I learned all about factions and how to strike properly. I learned how cannons should be set up and how they should not. These owners were not the best but they ended up kicking me for no reason and I lost contact with the whole server.


• Jet’s Dream World (Discord) (Helper)

One of my favorite discord servers, JDW (Jet’s Dream World). I was a peepohelper which was just a regular helper. I was a staff member here for about 3 months, this was a very tough and stressful job as there were 390k members in the discord server. It seems like I was very stressed out and I ended up leaving due to other family issues and stress. 


• Blive (Discord) (Moderator)

I was accepted to be a staff member when I appled on the server, and this server grew a lot while I Was a staff member I had to deal with a lot of inquireses and rule-breakers daily. This server had a 800+ member commuity and that's a lot of hard work as a lot of people start spamming or advertising. Unfortualtely, I resigned because the owner was going to sell the server.


• Sound MC World (Discord) (Moderator)

This is currently one of the better server’s I’ve staff on. I’ve spend around a year of my time as a moderator on this server. This server is indeed owned by SoundDrout (His Discord). I have been a loyal staff member there and I have contributed a lot to this server. Including Time, Advice, and some skills to help the Minecraft Staff team. And I’m currently there as a Moderator and MC Admin


.• Lunaris (Discord) (Council Member/Life Support Staff)

Lunaris Lab’s is a server owned by TR3NT aka the owner of Santa Lunar the discord giveaway bot. They currently have changed the name of the server and here is the invite. I was apart of the Life Support Staff Team. Basically users would create a ticket and really just talk about traumatic or mental troubles they would be going through. I loved this job because you could really just help someone out that is really going through something. I did leave due to me not being able to be active enough because of school.

• Advera (Discord) (Moderator)

Advera is a 25k member giveaway server. My main job was giving the prizes out in tickets and just handing any problems that may have started. I was a trusted and well known staff member there. I left due to them not doing anything with there staff team and leaving us all hanging.


Why would you like to become staff?:


I have great social and moderation skills such as making sure there are no exploiters, members breaking rules, members abusing glitches, and of course making sure everyone is following all chat rules. I also love the community and I would like to keep it as exploiter/rule-breaker free as possible. And putting all that I can do into the members and server such as, making sure that everything is running smoothly and no one has any questions, making sure other staff members are not abusing their powers, and making sure I'm following all staff rules, handbooks and guides myself. I also like those other members who might not know how to use the new custom systems or the new GUI's, so when that opportunity comes my way to help them out I'm right there to help out. And as a staff member that personally what I see when I think of a good staff member.


If accepted, how can you improve the servers experience?: By giving help when needed by anyone, just giving the member the reassurance that someones there to help.
Can any current staff members vouch for you?: No, sadly
Can you meet our season requirement of 12 hours per season?: Yes of course I can.
What is your Discord?: RustySider#0501
Additional Information (Optional):

RustySider - Staff Application 4 months ago