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MrsSnapchat Jr Mod Staff
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IGN: MrsSnapchat

Age: 19

What is your timezone?: CET/UTC+1


Do you have any previous staffing Experience?

 2016 Start - End 2016 I used to be a Manager of German Servers, Tommunity and Ploxh (later minetasia ). I managed the Team, set up the Servers Infrastructure and supervised our Developers with upcoming Plugin/Coding Tasks. Besides that I was responsible for the Server Advertisements (Server Lists, Discord etc.) but also made the Network way more smoother in its Appearance. Furthermore I trained the Team in screen-sharing via AnyDesk or related. Clayhills - I used to own a Small server with a friend back in March 2018. We had gamemodes such as Bedwars, Skywars and more. My Main Section on there was Back-end Management and Advertisements, which means managing i.e Votesites, Graphicsdesign related Stuff and/or Collaborations with other Servers. We kept it up until June 2017 where I left the Team due to private struggle 

2017 Start - End 2017

ChaoticPvP: For this Server I was requested personally because the had no current Developer in the Team. Their request was for me to set up the Permissions and Worlds as well as the Plugins for it. Pretty soon after I joined, they gave me the Server. While I had it, I created a wonderful PvP Atmosphere with a beautiful Playerbase and an appealing Online Profile. Aswell, I had to give it back a couple months later.

01.2018 - 12.2021

ArcherMC: End of 2020 I joined ArcherMC out of personal Request from their Manager as a Helper and already dealt with a very Toxic Community. About 2 weeks after my first Join I got promoted to Moderator and then to Developer, which I held for a few Days before I left due to Toxic behavior from the Owner.

Start 2021 - End 2021

MortalMines: In February 2021 I decided to join the Server because I was amazed by their structure and work Atmosphere. I was Helper for 3 Days before I got promoted to Moderator and left shortly after because of a major Argument within the Staffteam, still learnt alot from them about Management, Moderating and Players in general.

HexicMC: June 2021 was where I joined HexicMC, also a Request by Admins, as a Helper but volunteer Developer at the same Time. Sadly, the Server was pretty dead so there wasnt much to do, which lead to the Result that me and a few others left the Team. 

Eternalcraft: Around March 2021, I started my own Network which was put down November 2021 but might will be built up in the future again.

JailBreakMC: Also 2021, I've been Trainee on JailbreakMC, where I left short after due to Therapy but with an offer to join back anytime.

ArtemisMC: ArtemisMC and DraconiaMC were a little fun Modpack Server created by me and some Friends, where we quickly expanded to 50+ Players for a couple of Months before we decided to close it because no one was interested anymore.

OPLegends | From 24th Sept. to 23th Oct. 2021 I was Staff on OPLegends. First, I Joined as Helper but was promoted to Mod about 3 Weeks after. I WAS supposed to be planned as Admin, but resigned due to conflics with the Staffteam Build.

01.2021 - 12.2022 ❖ Start 2022 - Mid 2022

(inactive) PrisonCraft: PrisonCraft is a Server where I used to manage their Background Data such as Hostmanagement, MySQL DB Management and more, which is currently put on hold.

GalaxyPrison: GalaxyPrison is a Prison Server where, as so often, Im taking all of their Coding Tasks but also Management, as I’ve gotten full Console Access. This contained Hostmanagement, Building and Training Staffs aswell.

CelesticGens: CelesticGens is a multigame Network which I own and lead the Developers on. In Season1 we peaked at 79 Players within 24h.

Why would you like to become Staff?

I decided to apply as Staff in the matter of Moderation  on ExodusMC because I really enjoy the current Server and Staffteams Way of working together. Im impressed by the overall Server and Work behind Exodus since I joined in Season 5, most important since I know how much of a struggle it can be to maintain a Network and to keep your own Players happy. Further I'd like to give something back, like a Thank you or my Skills and abilities, to the Staffteam and Players, as a working Team and cooperating playerbase aswell as strict concepts are required to create a fullfilled and functioning Network. I'd gladly bring the Server further due to my Skills in Management, Database Management, Staff and Player Experience Analyst Jobs and overall kind Character. This, sometimes also means to go out and help a Player outside the Server itself for me, for example on Discord with smaller Technical Issues.


Being a Staff also means that you’re representing the Server, which in return, puts you into the position of acting within your Permissions and showing respect and knowledge about what you’re doing and how the Server does function. 


If accepted, how can you improve the Servers Experience?

I believe, as already stated above and by talking with Ocation, that I can greatly enhance the Servers Performance and Player Experience by my Design-Works and knowledge in Moderation.

On the other hand, I have quite a good Eye for Improvements and Quality Assurance matters, which has helped a lot of Servers to grow beyond their limits.

I've lead several Teams and trained them in the past, which can be a key ability when handling other Staffs or Players, as a leading/respective behavior is necessary to improve ones Experience and to create a well suited surrounding.

I'll provide a quick rundown below.


Moderation & Management Experience

As we now come to my most favorite Part besides Managing Servers, take a Seat, grab some Popcorn, my Story begins. When I first started Staffing originally back in 2016, I almost knew nothing. Luckily. a good Owner and Team took me by the Hand and introduced me to the World of Staffing. Why do I say World? Simply as that, the Range of possibilities on Moderation never ends, especially now that more and more Clients show up, which can grant unfair Advantages, the current Generation is some Kind of more toxic than some of us in our 20s maybe are used to. That always amazed me and still does. In the Years following after my first Step into Moderation, I've always educated myself in the matter of what People go with this year, currently, next year et cetera to keep myself updated as much as possible and to ensure a Safe Server by being able to detect the latest Clients. Now, about almost 10 Years later, Im all-around experienced which alot of Servers - in my opinion - need. Every Server sometimes requires People with alot of Experience, for example to educate those who may not have alot of Experience. In return, this goes like a circle which Im willing to Implement. Educating new Staffs to create one or another Player who can bring our World of Experience and Safety further . 

------------------------------------------- Reference ----------------------------------- 


How exactly would that work, you may now ask yourself. Well, let me picture it in words for you. Personally, I train People by showing them how to do Things and how to not do. Basic Stuff, right?. Thats where my own Way and Strategies come in. I usually split each new Staff into a seperate Category (Non-Exp., Mid-Exp., Needs Training, Experienced etc.) and from there create Programs for them to absolve for about 2 Weeks every half a Year or less, depending on how long they stay. Within the Programs, Questions are inbound, Clips of Players breaking a Rule and the Staff would've to say which Rule they broke. Those "clips" are a collection of around 50 -100 Clips. Once a Staff is done, I get sent the Result of % done right and from there can deicde if I'd need to talk to them or train them further OR if they're good to go. Why so complicated? I've been Part of a German Network which holds 6000 Players constantly and we implemented the same there after my suggestion. Now, 3 Years after we did that, we see a massive Improvement in their Staffs. Besides all that complicated Stuff - Learning by doing as said above. I sometimes cut of the leash and let them walk, speak up whenever Im not okay with what they do but also compliment them on good Jobs.


During the Years, I've more or less "grown" into the Position of Marketing Management and Community Management. That may be something that is needed, in the matter of attracting Players and making the Server more Famous. If thats done by custom coding own Ideas from my side, special marketing Strategies or revamping on or the other Things, is a topic for the future and Situations. I always work as close as possible with the Community, even sometimes host Voicecalls to collect their wants and needs, then consider those which could have the most positive impact or which were mentioned the most. Besides that, I have a steady Eye for Improvements which could be taken from what I said above, I honestly dont know tho. Anyways I always like to just hop around and look for new Things. 


What 3 attributes and 3 skills do you posses that will assist you as a staff member and the server. How will those effect the server positively?


I believe all 3 attributes and Skills have already been stated in the sections above so I wont mention them here again, however I am more than happy to provide an Example:

Im a very ambitious Person, which in depth means I love to get Tasks done before their
actual deadline with the best Result I can give, which, may makes me sit at a Task for a Day
ght or atleast 10h in a row. Further Im functioning the best under pressure, which made
me perfect for leading courses or Projects in the Past as I’ve lead the one or other already.

***Good critic***
Whenever me and/or others work on Projects or smaller Tasks, I usually take Days up to a
couple Weeks to review the done work in detail to assure the Best Experience in its Usage.
Therefor, I have had a couple QA Teams in my Past for own Networks, Plugins or Buildings
Projects where I trained them in how to resolve and figure Issues to grant the Customers the
best Interface they can get but also took part in the one or other by my own where I worked
my way up from QA Trainee to QA Leader or related.

During the past Years and months, I've become alot more mature compared to others in my Age, which allows me to remain calm in any stressful and general Situations.

***Calm Person***
Im a pretty calm Person, which is good in the Way that whenever someone tries to provocate
or similar, I barely raise my voice at them or anyone else, as I've been through that kinda
stuff and came to the conclusion to never want to make anyone else suffer from anger or similar emotions.

***Neutral View***
For example in Arguments, I usually like to hear both Sides to picture the Situation and then
sit together with the specific People to try and find a solution and in the final to avoid further
Drama or any not welcome Situation like hardflame up to threats of any kind.


Can any current staff members vouch for you?:

Not directly any current Staffmember, but definitely minegod5. He has, in the past, staffed on multiple Servers with me, however Ocation may vouch in the matter of Graphicsdesign.


Can you meet our season requirement of 12 hours per season?:

 Definitely, most likely even 70-140h per Season, depends on my customers though.


What is your Discord?


Additional Information (Optional):


Thank your for reading this Application and I'd hope to see you around!

MrsSnapchat Staff Application 24 days ago