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InfoBlock Senior Moderator Staff
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Registered:5 months ago
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Since 3 other Staff gave you feedback to your application imma just go ahead and say I like your application and good luck!

+1 from me

Application For Moderator 18 days ago


FrostDragonZz Staff App about 1 month ago

Would love to vouch for you!


flamboyXD's staff application 2 months ago

Nice application but to me it seems like you are trying to apply for another Server with that application. We have an perfect SkyBlock Plugin right now and Lifesteal is currently in Development! Also it would be interesting to know which Staff Member can vouch for you, your answer "Yes ; Manager @ ImpactMC" doesn't really tell us which of our current staff members it is.

Staff application 3 months ago

That's a big history of servers you were staff on!
Well, I good luck, the application reviewer should respond to your application soon.



RaidableKid's Staff Application 3 months ago