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Hello everyone


VOODOO is mass recruiting for  Skyblock/Gens/Prison.


About Our Team:

Our team is made up of Italian's and American's

We have earned over $3680 in payouts

We are both Skyblock/Gens/Prison Grinders



Be on 4+ hours per day (during maps we are playing)

Have experience in both Skyblock/Gens/Prison

Know how to use printer (for skyblock)

Be kind to all team members and have respect for our leadership team

Be a Grinder (we need players who are willing to grind for long periods of time)


Discord: https://discord.gg/Rz8XnuVjR5

If you are wanting to be apart of VOODOO please head over to   ┇apply and fill out the application and be patient while the leadership team look into your application!!


Thanks VOODOO Leadership Team

VOODOO 8 months ago