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ImSadAsAlways Staff Application
Topic Locked
ImSadAsAlways Member
3 posts
3 topics
about 1 year ago

IGN: ImSadAsAlways

AGE: 18

What is your timezone: GMT+1

Do you have any previous staff experience: Yeah I have some on italian server and NA server

Why would you like to become a staff: Helping players with my knowledge, I've been playing with it for a long time I would say


What 3 attributes and 3 skills do you posses that will assist you as a staff member and the server. How will those effect the server positively

3 of the Skills


  1.  I am a chill guy, I can help people, and it is definitely a requirement to be staff

  2. I'm online a lot and now that I'm in the vacation season I have pretty much all the timezone I can punish quickly

  3. I am always available in case of problems and can help in other things, I know enough people in the community both Italian and na

3 of the attributes 

  1. I know many bugs and methods for dupping (I think rhys knows this since I have reported many of them)

  2. i learn really quick

  3. I know many devs and SS Verified, one of them made you the fishing plugin in the darkzone



Can any current staff members vouch for you?:I think all the old staffers know me especially Rhys, so I don't know, I would like to say Sosa but unfortunately he left the staff 


Can you meet our season requirement of 12 hours per season?: I would like to say that I did 18d playtime in some seasons when I played comp


What is your Discord?: $ sad#0025

Ocation Owner Staff
28 posts
6 topics
about 1 year ago


Your application has been denied. Please make sure when you re-apply to add more information and why you want to join our team at ExodusMC.

Thank you!