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Minegod5 Staff App
minegod5 Member
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about 1 year ago

IGN (in-game name): minegod5
Age: 15
What is your time zone? Gmt
Do you have any previous staff experience? 
(PvP Camp: Helper-Mod-Sr. Mod.) 
(Necara:Mod-Sr Mod.) 
(God mine's:Helper-Mod.) 
(Zoneville:Helper-Mod-Sr Mod.) 
(Elementrix MC:Helper) 
(Charged Craft-Helper-Mod-Sr Mod-Jr Admin-Skyblock Manager-Platform Admin) 
(BearMC:Trial Mod/Survival Manager; Senior Mod/Survival Manager.)
(BearMC:Admin-Skyblock manager; Senior Admin-Plate; Admin-Media Manager; Community Manager.) 
(MC Overdose:Admin-Sr Admin) 
(FearPrison:Helper-Jr Mod-Mod-Sr Mod-Jr admin) 
(Darkmc:Jr Mod) -Resigned 
(Mr. Crushed Network:Co-Owner) 
(Bear Prison:Sr Mod) 
(PvP Earth:Helper-Jr Mod) 
(JoltenMc:Mod-Sr Mod) 
(PvPJunkie:Community/Staff Manager) 
(WinterMc:Sr Admin) 
(JoltenMc, 2nd Run: Senior Admin) 
(ValenaMc:Mod- Sr Mod - Admin)

Why would you like to become staff?
Like many others, I play Minecraft for enjoyment. I believe that the server should be a happy and enjoyable environment for everyone, whether that be new players, old players, or even staff members. I know that being on the staff team would give me the ability to have a direct impact by taking appropriate action against those whose main goal is to change the environment of the server.

If accepted, how can you improve the server's experience?
As staff, I can improve the server experience for users by being proactive, responsive, fair, consistent, encouraging positive behavior, and continuously improving. Being proactive means actively monitoring the server and addressing any issues or concerns that arise, while being responsive means being available to answer questions and provide assistance. Treating users fairly and consistently will help create a positive environment, and encouraging positive behavior will promote a sense of community. Continuously improving the server experience by considering feedback and implementing changes will ensure that the server stays up-to-date and enjoyable for users. By following these guidelines, you can help create a positive and welcoming environment for all users. 

What three attributes and three skills do you possess that will assist you as a staff member and a server? How will those affect the server positively? 
3 Attributes

Patience: Dealing with players who may be new to the game or have difficulty understanding rules or commands can be frustrating, but staff members should remain calm and patient while assisting them.

Fairness: Minecraft servers rely on rules and regulations to create a fair and enjoyable environment for all players. Staff members should be impartial and apply these rules consistently and fairly to all players.

Communication: Effective communication is essential for staff members, as they must be able to interact with players, other staff members, and server administrators. Good communication skills can help staff members resolve conflicts, explain rules, and address player concerns in a professional and respectful manner. 

3 Skills

Technical skills: A staff member should have a good understanding of the technical aspects of the game, such as knowledge of commands, plugins, and server settings. This enables them to assist players with technical issues and troubleshoot problems that may arise on the server.

Problem-solving skills: Staff members should have strong problem-solving skills to help them identify and address issues on the server. This could involve resolving conflicts between players, identifying and addressing technical issues, or coming up with creative solutions to improve the server's gameplay experience.

Teamwork: Staff members often work together in teams to manage and maintain the server. It's important for them to be able to work collaboratively, communicate effectively with each other, and support one another in their roles. This can help to ensure that the server runs smoothly and that players have a positive experience.

Can any current staff members vouch for you? Brent Can Vouch for me i think
Can you meet our seasonal requirement of 12 hours per season? Yes, I can do more than 12 hours per season.
What is your Discord? : minegod5 #6944


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