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SEASON 9 | Skyblock Changelog 1
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ZxenMC Member
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about 1 year ago

Happy New Year Folks!

Welcome to a brand new season/era of ExodusMC! Since the beginning in 2022 we have seen an amazing steady growth of ExodusMC and we are so happy to have you lot with us on this journey!. 

Here are the changelogs for Season 9:

:bluearrow: NEW: Bosses Buffed

:bluearrow: NEW: Custom Tools enchant price increased

:bluearrow: NEW: The Forest (/forest)

:bluearrow: NEW: Forest Bosses

:bluearrow: NEW: Quests Removed

:bluearrow: NEW: Spawner Progression Removed

:bluearrow: NEW: Automated Sumo

:bluearrow: NEW: GUI Updates

:bluearrow: NEW: Upgradeable Pickaxe

:bluearrow: NEW: PvP PvE Zone

:bluearrow: NEW: Spawner Prices decreased

:bluearrow: NEW: Sides (/sides)

:bluearrow: NEW: KoTH Lootbox buffed

:bluearrow: NEW: Mega KoTH Lootbox buffed

:bluearrow: NEW: Lootboxes changed to match eco

:bluearrow: NEW: Increased automated events rewards

:bluearrow: NEW: Festive rank renamed to 2023 Rank

:bluearrow: NEW: Removed unnecessary gkits from /kit GUI

:bluearrow: NEW: Improved spigot performance

:bluearrow: NEW: Improved Monthly Crate slightly

:bluearrow: NEW: Supply Drops/Airdrop buffed

:bluearrow: NEW: Max spawner stack increased to 50k

:bluearrow: NEW: Island limit changed to 8 mans


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