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RaidableKid's Staff Application
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RaidableKid Member
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6 months ago

IGN (In game name): RaidableKid

Age: 18

What is your timezone?: GMT+4

Do you have any previous staff experience?:

Ikami.rip Admin

GinixNetwork Admin

DeltaHCF Sr Mod 

Spacepvp - Sr.Mod

VexorNetwork Mod+

Steelpvp Mod +

HCRival.org - Mod +

Extremecraft Mod 

SimplyHCF Mod

Coldnetwork T-mod

VoidHCF Trial-Mod

Sagepvp - Trial-Mod



ComplexPvP Trial-Mod


Why would you like to become staff?:


I want to become staff on here because I see Exodus growing in general and I want to become apart of this community before it goes out of my league ( too hard to get staff on) I enjoy this server in general because it has Dedicated staff members and staff members that know what their doing and I would like to upload videos on Exodus considering the content on here is infinite and there is alot of opportunities to upload content on here

If accepted, how can you improve the servers experience?:


I have alot of characteristics and skills and they are listed below.



I am a very helpful person, I really enjoy helping others and making sure everyone is satisfied with the server and the staff. I am a very trustworthy person I will abide by what I am told to do.



I am very active throughout the day and night. I can put in 6-8 hours every day helping out the server, people, doing support rooms, and helping players that need help in general . I think being active is a good way to get closer to people in the community



I think Cold has alot and I mean alot of potential and in general, I wish to help them grow and when the community grows enough I want to be proud that I am apart of this community




Despite my age of seventeen , I am very mature. I have self-control and can contain my temper. I don't get mad when I die or when something doesn't go my way. I keep my cool and never go all out on someone. I make sure to remain calm in every situation I can and handle it to the best of my ability. If you aren't mature as a staff member you could hurt someone's feelings, make them feel not welcome, lead them to believe nobody cares about them.


⤣Hard Working⤤

I work hard with any task that is given/assigned to me. I do anything and everything to the best of my ability, and I work hard to complete tasks and jobs that I hate.



I always very focused on my goal for whatever my goal may be. When given a task, I would make it m) goal complete that task and do it well.



If accepted to become a staff member on ColdPvP I would put all of my effort, time, and skills to work for the server and the players of the server. If accepted, I would not leave or become inactive for most anything.




I have used many forms of communication such as Teamspeak, discord, skype, telegram, and much more. There are many ways that you can contact me and I can contact others, I have all the communication programs above and more


What 3 attributes and 3 skills do you posses that will asist you as a staff member and the server. How will those effect the server positively?

3 Attributes


 I am very honest when it comes to dealing with situations and If a higher-up ever asks me a question wether the question has my demotion on the line or not I will honestly answer.

I am a very open and friendly person if someone comes to support rooms and seems stressed I will do my best to reassure them.

Anger Control

as the name applies I can control my anger and my temper really well against toxic players or rude players in general.

3 Skills


I am multilingual and I consider that to be a good skill to have

When I become staff on any server I will pour my heart and soul to doing the best that I can do and never disappoint the playerbase.

Staff Experience

After being staff on numerous servers I have acquired experience and I could deal with mostly every situation in the book  


What makes you so special, and makes us pick you over others?:​

 I can be very active on times where most staff wont be that active , I can be very honest I do not hide stuff from higher-up staff members If I do something wrong Ill fess up about it to someone knowing the consequences , I like Skyblock/Faction servers so like I said Ill be pretty active on here , I know what I am capable of and I will work with what you give me at hand , I would consider my timezone to be quite good I am technically every single timezone GMT +4  Adding to all of that I know arabic as a second language and I am currently learning French as a 3rd language , I know some spanish but I am not that fluent in it.I like to put effort into anything that I like doing. I will be respectful and patient with the players making sure I get all the correct information needed before I make my next move. I will improve the players experiences by getting rid of any cheaters that roam the streets of ExodusMC . If something is not right. If something is not done correctly, I like to make sure it is done correctly and I will not feel good if a player leaves unsatisfied . Also i will take neutral opinion on every situation. I will accept any advice and I will actually try to improve from that advise 

Can any current staff members vouch for you?

: no non can currently vouch for me

Can you meet our season requirement of 12 hours per season?: Yes well over that.

What is your Discord?: Deopped#4445

Additional Information (Optional):

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InfoBlock Admin Staff
12 posts
2 topics
5 months ago

That's a big history of servers you were staff on!
Well, I good luck, the application reviewer should respond to your application soon.



11/01/2022 » Trainee

11/13/2022 » Trainee to Moderator

12/25/2022 » Moderator to Sr Moderator

04/29/2023 » Sr Moderator to Admin

RaidableKid Member
2 posts
1 topics
5 months ago

That's a big history of servers you were staff on!
Well, I good luck, the application reviewer should respond to your application soon.



Thank You  , I could provide evidence is that necessary ?

ZxenMC Platform Admin Application Reviewer Staff
83 posts
9 topics
5 months ago

Hello RaidableKid!

After reviewing your application, i will be proceeding with a DENY 

You may have good potential to be a staff member but your staff application is copied and pasted and we have concluded that you could potentially be staff hunting. You have also mentioned ColdPvP in your application which further enforces staff hunting and that you copy and pasted!

Feel free to upload videos about ExodusMC. That will be most appreciated!

Thank you for taking your time & Enjoy ExodusMC

ZxenMC - Platform. Administrator & Staff Manager of ExodusMC 

Don’t hesitate to MSG me on discord or in-game for support