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ShariksV1'S Staff Application
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ShariksV1 Member
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5 months ago

IGN ( In Game Name) : ShariksV1

Age : 21

What is your timezone? : EU GMT +2

Do you have any previous staff experience? : Yes , was admin on Latvian server called Fall.LV , then was helper in Archon , have been manager in ArcadiaMC . As a Manager I mainly did events,  then media managing, then did help with dev stuff at some point , And when I was Admin , I was Head Admin For SS team , I was helping server chat, doing investigations about teams that had been reported , basicly being online and helping server.

Why would you like to become staff? : I mean , when I first joined , I was like meeh won't apply for staff , then ImBaihu actually inspired me to apply . Soo I want to be staff just because I find server really fun to play , and I want to make server more popular , more recognizable , and just make Other staff members proud and teach somthing New for them and learn something from them.

If accepted , how can you improve the server experience? : Since I have big experience in minecraft , I have met and played with some high quality Youtubers / Streamers , I would definetly try and make some kinda deal with them to grow our popularity for the server , Then I know how to like SS like cheaters and look for cheats if needed , I can help with all sorts of stuff , its just matter of time , how fast will the staff trust me , If I offer help.

Can any current staff members vouch for you ? : I would like to say that since day 1 , I have been chilling with ImBaihu , soo I suppose that he would vouch for me .

Can you meet our season requirement of 12 hours per season? : I joined late for season , and at this moment I have 13hours played , soo yes .

What is your Discord? : ShariksV1#3996

Additional Information (Optional) : Soo Im gonna tell yall about me , Im Shariks , real name Martin , Im from Latvia , I have full time job . Im engaged with my Girlfriend . Most of the time after work I play video games , stream , make videos and spend time with my Girlfriend. My hobby is Boxing and Soccer . I like to listen to music often while doing some important stuff . I work as truck driver . I have been semi pro CS:GO player for Team Garaza , Im founder of rocket league team SpaceMonkeys . I do alot of stuff actually no cap . At this moment I still live alone , since my Girlfriend lives with parents , but we are planning to move together. I don't know what more to say. I hope I wrote some interesting info about me . Glad to apply . Will wait for the responce

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ZxenMC Platform Admin Application Reviewer Staff
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5 months ago

Hey ShariksV1

Thank you for applying for ExodusMC

After reviewing your application I have noticed that you haven't said "why you would like to become staff" I recommend saying what you can bring to the team so the recruitment team can make an easier decision. It does look like you have hit the minimum word requirement! Which is fantastic and what we're looking for.

To maybe increase chances of being accepted please expand on your past experience as manager, helper and administrator. This could include any past events within the server! And on my side of this application since I was vouched. I think you're a nice player who has good connections with other players. You're also helpful within Exodus

Best of luck!


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ZxenMC - Platform. Administrator & Staff Manager of ExodusMC 

Don’t hesitate to MSG me on discord or in-game for support 

Discord: Baihu#5624

IGN ImBaihu

Ocation Owner Staff
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5 months ago

Hey ShariksV1!

Thank you for applying at ExodusMC.

Your application is now pending, please contact me on Discord to arrange an interview.