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Staff Application Format
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M7L35 Manager Staff
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about 1 month ago


Please see below the format to use when applying for staff, the requirements you need to meet & some TIPs.



IGN (In Game Name):

What is your Discord?:


What is your timezone?:

What realm are you applying for? (Skyblock, Gens, Prisons):

Do you have any previous staffing experience? (If yes, please list them and explain your experience):

Why do you want to become staff on ExodusMC?:

What 3 skills do you believe you have that would assist you while being staff on ExodusMC?:

What 3 weaknesses do you believe you have that you would like to improve upon while being staff on ExodusMC?:

Are you currently staff on any other servers?:

How much time are you able to put into the server on a daily/weekly basis?:

Additional Information (Optional):




Must be at least 15 years of age.

Must play on Java Edition Minecraft.

Must have Discord.

Must have a working microphone.

Ability to speak fluent English.

Minimum of 12 hours of playtime on the network.

Minimum of 350 words in your application.




1) Show that you are mature. This can be shown in multiple different ways. In-game, on Discord, on the forums, and even in your application!

2) Showing evidence of your previous staffing experience. (This is not necessary)

3) Read or ask for advice/feedback on your application/resume.

4) Be truthful! If you have put any false information in your application and we find out, it will result in an instant denial, regardless of the extent.

5) Color co-ordinate your application, and stand out from the crowd! 

6) Having NO punishments on your account on our network.

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