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Staff application
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.Zappy_ROMEO Member
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2 months ago

My IGN: .Zappy_ROMEO 

Age : 15 years 16 in about 4 months

What is your timezone?: GMT

Do you have any previous staff experiences?: I have not had any previous experiences as staff or helper or any other role related to staff 

Why do I want to become staff?: I wish to become staff because I would like to have my place in a community like Exodus and would like to make sure everything runs smoothly in both the discord server and Minecraft 

If accepted, how can you improve the server experiences?: if I was to be accepted into the role/position as staff I would make sure all players and members of ExodusMC are following server rules and Terms of Service both in minecraft Exodus discord, if some one is not following the rules/TOS I would take appropriate action. If someone with power amongst the community is abusing their powers I would report them to someone such as Ocation or Myles so they could take appropriate action to the person. If I'm in game playing exodus and I catch someone using cheats or exploits I would first kick/ban them from the game and then report them immediately to someone with higher power so they can hopefully fix the exploit or be able to counter the cheat they was using. If i encounter a bug/glitch I would report it straight away so I can be sorted and made sure that it does not effect the gameplay for everyone.

What 3 attributes and 3 skills do you possess that will assist you as staff member and the server? How will those effect the server positively?

1-i am familiar with the members of Exodus so if a argument or disigrement occurs I know/have the possibility to stoping the argument to my best abilities.

2-i know my way around the server both in discord and game so if someone needs help with something I can easily point them in the direction they are asking

3-i am kind and a active person on discord so I am readily available to help people with tickets and problems. I am also familiar with the rules so I am able to make sure no-one brakes the rules by pointing it out if someone mentions about it 

Can any current staff members vouch for you?: as far as im aware I think that none of the current staff is able to vouch for me apart from maybe ocation or Myles

Can you meet the seasonal requirements of 12 hours? Yes I am able to be active for over 12 hours seasonaly 

What is your discord?: zappyromeo. (Zappy ROMEO)

M7L35 Manager Staff
21 posts
1 topics
about 1 month ago

Hello Zappy,


We are excited to tell you that your application has been set to pending!

Please contact me on discord to arrange an interview.


Thank you,