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LabyEDM - Staff Application
Topic Locked
LabyEDM Member
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8 months ago
  1. Hello to whom it may concern!
    I'm Australian, and I'm fluent in English!
    I stand within GMT
    +8, I'm active for more than 10hrs a day.
    I know I only just joined the server but I hope I can fit in
    'm 17 years of age going onto 18 in less than 2 months time.
    I have a microphone and am applicable to vc when needed or scheduled
    I also have discord!

  2. IGN : LabyEDM
    : 17
    : GMT +8
    I have previous staff experience
    , I was a moderator of Underblock ( which is a decommissioned JeromeASF server ) lmk if you need evidence to correlate

    I would like to become staff for the main reason to be the helping hand to anything you may need, I'm a friendly and bubbly person and like to engage with the community! I am adaptable to scenarios and given information, and can keep calm under stress. I take a positive approach to my work and personal life. My standout reasoning would be that I can engage and appropriately address given scenarios with the right infringement.

    If I was personally accepted within this community and server, I would always put a smile on those who may be down. I like to help others and teach them, I'm a patient person and can explain in multiple ways to solve a problem. I can be on most of the time, I had the best activity on my last staffing experiences so Id be around in game to answer questions if needed! Ill be able to report bugs where its needed with exact detail. ( I'm able to record and edit, I can provide examples of my recording capability )

    . Growth/Positive mindset to all things
    . Friendly and bubbly
    . Easy to approach and have a chat with!

    . Able to contain information and convey it in multiple ways ( Being that I'm an actor.
    . Keep calm under pressure or stress
    . Able to simplify information to help others in a way to perceive

    With these of many skills
    , I'm able to fulfil the role as a helper being that I work with others and children on a daily basis. These skills will improve the servers community and friendliness to newcomers of frequent players.

    , no staff that is currently on this server can vouch for me.

    I am defiantly able to meet quota of time
    , being that I'm usually free most of all days!

    DISCORD : mrdemdition

  3. This is optional but I am going to be performing live on stage within a few weeks, it wont affect anything that has been mentioned just I will be a bit tired or slower than perceived as I'm a ballet dance and assistant to a company.

Last edited: 8 months ago
Jerry_Lord Member
2 posts
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7 months ago

hey,   LabyEDM

your application is  now pending please contact me on discord 



M7L35 Manager Staff
37 posts
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7 months ago

Hi LabyEDM,


Due to the fact you haven't responded since your application was set to Pending, you have now been Denied.

You may reapplying in 2 weeks.