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Helper application
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pastyni Member
1 posts
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6 months ago

IGN (In game name): PastyNI
Age: i am 20
What is your timezone?:London 00:00
Do you have any previous staff experience?: i was jr mod on akumamc before an admin become power hungry and banned me for catching him admin abusing 

also i was head mod on WildPrisons as i played prisons for a year straight ahah now im going around exploring different game modes and i am loving how this server is feeling and features that this server with holds

Why would you like to become staff?: to help the new people to understand and show them what the server holds and fun little side jobs to do while you wait on other objectives
If accepted, how can you improve the servers experience?: racism proof doxing proof also scammers who think they are sly
What 3 attributes and 3 skills do you posses that will assist you as a staff member and the server. How will those effect the server positively? i understand how to use the roles of the staff rank i am, i know how to keep the server toxic free, knowledge of how servers run/ active mostly every day so there will always be a staff member on, i know people on the server and how they act, and to hype people getting good/decent loot  
Can any current staff members vouch for you?: probably stekkzz
Can you meet our season requirement of 12 hours per season?: yes 100%
What is your Discord?: Pasty:pastynufc
Additional Information (Optional): i work and have a child so i might be afk or not on but il be on a nights 

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zrzskys Admin Application Reviewer Staff
28 posts
0 topics
6 months ago

hey  PastyNI,

sorry for the delay I'm happy to say that your application is now pending,

please contact me on discord

application reviewer zrzdominator


zrzskys Admin Application Reviewer Staff
28 posts
0 topics
6 months ago

hey PastyNI,

I haven't heard from u in 6 days so this application is now marked inactive and this will now be a denied application

u may reapply in 2 weeks if u wish do so 

application reviewer zrzdominator