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Who am i?
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about 1 year ago

Hey people reading this... Names Tyler, or known as Baihu. I'm currently 17 and 3 months I began my gaming journey at the age of 4-5 when I got my first console. Which in fact was the Xbox Original. My Favourite game at the time was an old rainbow six 3 game. Further on in the future, Minecraft was introduced to me back in 2012-2013. I began playing when the sounds were OG. You know the old Steve sound effect when he got hurt. And when we ran with our arms flailing about, the old door opening/closing sound effects and in fact the TNT blowing up sound.  Yea that old. I began to see that servers were a thing back in 2014 and at the time I was only just a player. I didn't know there was something called staffing. I began to staff shortly after knowing what moderation was and I loved the feeling of being there for people when they needed help on old and current Minecraft servers. and just being looked up to as a role model. I then began to figure out what made a Minecraft server. That's when i found out plugins were a thing and i was fascinated what i could create with them. I found out essentials. That was the first thing which pretty much just gives you more moderation over a simple Minecraft server. Plus the other commands it gives you. Overall over the years i found more plugins and my knowledge increased on server developing. Its all a hobby for me pretty much.

Moving on from gaming, i was usually a sporty person. I played football/soccer almost everyday before my old mates moved out from my road and then i was the last one standing. Due to that I never really went out again after. The only time I'd go out is to purely go school, shop with my mother or anything like that (So basically necessary things). After my friends moved away I still played with them online, mainly playing black ops 2, black ops 3 and then Fortnite when it was released.


Coming to the present. I got fascinated by computers since 2018. I built my first pc (the one I'm using currently) in 2021 which took me 7 months to get every part. It  only took a couple PC building videos and I instantly knew what to do. It is just as easy as 2+2 at this point. Further on now im at college and currently studying an LVL 3 eSports Diploma for 2 years. I have learned how to photoshop. Im not a proper professional but i know how to make simple thumbnails, profile pictures, banners, You know, the basic.


I haven't got much more to say really, and i dont actually know if you bothered reading it all. But if you have then Thank you i guess hehe. Anyway enjoy yourself!

ZxenMC - Manager & Staff Manager of ExodusMC 

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