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How to Apply For Staff
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ZxenMC Manager Application Reviewer Staff
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12 months ago

Hey player!

Its amazing that you have intentions become a staff member for ExodusMC. I will be showing you simply how to apply. Please note before applying that you read the requirements. ( https://forums.exodusmc.org/forum/topic/7-staff-application-format/ )


First off you want to click "New Topic" Once you have clicked "New Topic" Please title your application "*Your IGN* Staff Application" short and simple. You then want to copy & paste or type out the format into the white box and begin filling out the questions!


#1 Please know that there is a  350 words Minimum requirement

#2 Show that you're mature! This can either be shown in game, in discord, in forms, in voice chat etc.

#3 It's not necessary but any evidence of past staffing experience could be used in your application

#4 Read feedback on your application if you have already applied (You can edit i think)

#5 Be truthful! If your application has false information then you will have a high chance of denial!

#6 Ask questions about the application, but do not constantly ask when it will be checked/read


Now for a very good tip

Layout.... Laying out your application, allowing it to be color co-ordinated can catch the eye of application managers/reviewers and help guide them to reading your application efficiently and effectively!


That's all, thank you again for your intentions of becoming a staff! I wish you the best of luck.

Any questions, please don't hesitate to ask around!


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ZxenMC - Manager & Staff Manager of ExodusMC 

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