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OkTru Staff Application.
OkTru(Spoke) (n) Member
1 posts
1 topics
3 months ago

IGN: OkTru

Age: 16.

What is your timezone?: GMT.

Do you have any previous staff 



i used to work on several servers, these included: 






Sr mod





Momentum MC 



there was another server but the owners gave up.


Why would you like to become staff?:            

I believe i am an extremely happy person too be around, i have been told i give positive and mature vibes and would like too also bring my high levels of experience into a popular server where i can show too people what i am like and what sort of person i want too be.


If accepted, how can you improve the servers experience? 


I am currently learning scripting and in the future i would like to potentially work with with the other developers to help grow my knowledge and also develop new plugings etc.


What 3 attributes and 3 skills do you posses that will assist you as a staff member and the server. How will those affect the server positively?  


I am a very vibrant person and i always try my best around to show my best side around others. I am well composed during stressful situations and understand where people are coming from and the many ways i can help them out. I’m a very hard worker and when i put my head down too something i will not willingly quit until i have finished what task i set out to do.


Can any current staff members vouch for you?:


BusyJumboBoss can vouch for me as we are good friends.


Can you meet our season requirement of 12 hours per season?:


yes I can meet these requirements, I do not attend school so currently have alot of free time.


What is your Discord?: 




Additional Information (Optional):


I would really appreciate this opportunity and this would help me progress a lot for the future, from talking to Busy he thought I would be well suited to this role therefore I applied.

Ocation Owner Staff
31 posts
7 topics
3 months ago


Your application has been moved to pending. Please contact zrzdominator on Discord!

Thank you!