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Destify's Staff Application
Destify Member
2 posts
2 topics
3 months ago

Hello, My name is Danny also known as Destify and I am 16 years of age. My time zone is Eastern Standard Time. I have previous Staff experience as an Owner of a Minecraft server with about 5-10 active players. I enjoy being a staff member because I like to help players with their problems they are having because I can become very Informed with how things work in any server, I also would like to become a staff member here on Exodus because I enjoy making a place for everyone to be safe of anyone trying to cause any problems to the server and to the players. If I was accepted into the staff team, I would help the server become an even better place for players to game on safely from any trolls and bad energy players trying to make the gaming experience for the other players bad. 3 attributes I have are being kind to others, I am very helpful, and I love to make friends. 3 skills I have when it comes to Minecraft is that I am very informed with how to be helpful in game, I can be funny but also be serious when I need to be, and I always put everyone before me. Those skills will help the server because I will always be available for help when I am needed. The current Staff member xXP3ARCEXx can vouch for me because me and him played a server together and he was also a developer and a creator in the server I owned for a while. Yes I can meet the 12 hours a season requirement maybe in 1 day LOL but seriously I can meet it because I love to help and I will be on as much as I can do fulfill that. My Discord is scibug but in the Server I am known as Destify. I have always loved helping everyone out because it is how I was raised. I hope I can get to join the staff team So I can help out others in need! Thank you for your time!




Ocation Owner Staff
31 posts
7 topics
3 months ago


Your application has been denied. You may re-apply if you wish. Please make sure to use the format and to make sure you answer all questions with detail. 

Thank you!