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Jerry_lord Staff application:
Jerry_Lord Member
2 posts
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about 1 year ago

Ability to speak English fluently
Ability to be active
Minimum requirement playtime of 12 hour playtime
At least 14 years of age
Must have a microphone
Must have Discord

No punishments given

IGN (In game name): Jerry_Lord
Age: 16
What is your timezone?: GMT+10

Previous staff experience: I have previous experience as a staff member in multiple online communities. I served as a moderator for a gaming forum for two years, handling user disputes and maintaining a positive environment. Additionally, I was a staff member on a Discord server, assisting with events and technical issues.

Why become staff? I want to become staff because I enjoy supporting online communities. With my experience and skills, I can contribute to creating a positive atmosphere. Being a staff member allows me to give back and foster friendships. Improving server experience: As a staff member, I would actively monitor and address rule violations to ensure user safety and respect. I would engage with the community, fostering camaraderie. Working with other staff members, I would organize events and provide feedback for server improvements.

Attributes and skills: I possess strong communication skills, remain calm under pressure, and prioritize fairness and integrity. These attributes, combined with my skills in conflict resolution, community management, and problem-solving, will allow me to effectively address issues, maintain a harmonious environment, and ensure that all users' concerns are heard and addressed promptly.

Can any current staff members vouch for you?: The current Staff member Jasmine can vouch for me as they are also in the same server as i am shwoing that i am part of the staff team.

Meeting seasonal requirement: Yes, I can meet and exceed the seasonal requirement of 12 hours. I am committed to dedicating ample time to the server, as I understand the importance of an active and attentive staff presence. I am flexible with my schedule and can allocate sufficient time to fulfill my duties effectively.

What is your Discord?: Jerry_Lord

Additional Information: I am a passionate and dedicated individual who values the importance of teamwork and collaboration. I am also experienced in using various moderation tools and platforms, which will facilitate my contribution to the server. Moreover, I am continuously seeking opportunities for personal growth and learning, and I am open to feedback and suggestions from both the server administrators and the community.

Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to joining your staff team and contributing to the server's success and positive experience.

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zrzdomiantor Member
28 posts
0 topics
about 1 year ago

hi there this isnt 300 please explain more info about yourself this is a good start 

Ocation Owner Staff
28 posts
6 topics
about 1 year ago


Your application has been moved to pending.

Please contact @zrzdominator on Discord

Last edited: about 1 year ago